Make Your eSports CV Stand Out: Exhaustive Guide on Writing Awesome eSports Resumes

How to Make the Best eSports CV?

When you’re treading on your eSports career, one of the few things to get great at is making your eSports CV. It may be a hilarious idea to the many who think eSports is nothing and making such a resume is silly, but having an eSports CV is the way if you are looking to make a living out of gaming.

It does make you wonder though: where do you even begin with an eSports resume?

Unless there’s some “do-it-yourself” guide somewhere, you’ll be a bit lost on the best way to make your eSports CV. You might even try adapting what most ordinary workers would do with their CV not related to eSports.

Don’t worry; we’ve got a list ready and tailored for you. Follow the tips and tricks laid out below, and you’ll have an eSports CV that may help you get to places you never thought you could be.

Here’re 13 tips to make your eSports resume stand out in the crowd. Some of these can be termed as slightly generic as well, in that they can be used across industries but as a whole they should definitely help you.

Establish the Essentials First

When you start creating your eSports CV, it’s a good idea to establish the essentials first, just like any ordinary CV. From your personal details to your job history, list them all down.

Establishing your essentials will also help you pinpoint what you currently have and be an excellent aid for you when you step 3.

A good idea to do this is getting a piece of paper or using a Word document and listing down them all down. Once you have the essentials, you can proceed to the next step.

Focus on Your Best for Starters

Pick what you’ll primarily focus on in your eSports career and list that down on your CV.

Got the essentials? Great!

Your next step will be determining what you’ll mainly focus on in your eSports career. When it comes to making your eSports CV, you have to know the goal you have.

For example, if you’re focused on becoming a well-known eSports team player, then keep that goal in mind so that when you’re assembling your CV, you’ll focus more on showcasing the details that make you fit for being a team player.

When you do have the goal, make sure to list it down on your upcoming eSports CV. This way, it’ll give the reviewers the impression you’re focused and determined. It’ll also narrow down their search for the one they’ve been trying to look for.

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List the Other Skills You Might Have Acquired

Arrange the list of other skills, experience, expertise, and other essential things you have.

Got your essentials and goal down? Your next step is to list down the different skills, knowledge, expertise, and other necessary stuff down and arrange them nicely.

This is where you’ll take the things you’ve listed down at this point and categorizing them in a way that when you’re ready to place them on your CV, you already got everything you need.

An excellent way to do this is putting a category for your personal info and putting everything there that is linked to your stats while putting other categories that will hold up your skills and experience.

Summarize Who You Are

By this time, you’ve already listed down everything that you have, but there’s one thing that you’ll need to put to get it all together: a story. You are making an eSports CV, so unlike the ordinary CV, you’ll have the privilege of writing a summary of who you are.

In a way, it’s the chance to sell yourself and giving the pitch to the team or company involved with eSports to let them know you’re no ordinary being and you got something unique to offer.

So how do you go about this? It pays to tell a bit about yourself and how your connection to eSports is a strong point. You can give out something like it’s an inspiration for you, or it’s the drive that keeps you going.

From there, you can boost up this introduction by letting the team or company know you got the requirements and you are the right person for the job you’re applying for because you have the experience and can bring what they need.

Finally, top off your summary with your goal and purpose. Let them feel the passion you have and let them see you’re not just going for a job: You’re going for the means of fulfilling the goals you have in your eSports career.

By doing all this, the team or company involved in eSports will feel something with the story you have about yourself. It’ll give them a lot to think about, and they’ll know you have what it takes.

Be Concise

It does feel good to build your eSports CV and nearing completion but before you get all hyped for it, make sure to be concise when creating it, which means you need to be brief on everything, including the summary of your story.

If you’re too wordy on what you’ll say, the team or company will skip your CV because there’s too much. But if you don’t say much and give points, they won’t see much of who you are.

So be concise and make a balance of everything. Doing this will not only showcase who you are, but you’ll be able to give a glimpse without getting wordy. Plus, it’ll give you a chance to make arrangements which you’ll read more about later.

Add Other Aspects Relevant to Non-Gaming Jobs

If you’re leaning on non-gaming job types that still involve eSports, don’t be afraid to add the relevant stuff linked to them. For example, even if you’re not applying as an eSports social media manager, you can add your achievements similar to that if you have had the experience.

Or, if you’re an analyst, you can make a good list of the successes you had with tasks and achievements that pertain to the job position you’re applying for.

All in all, it’s all about writing down the things that are linked to the non-gaming job types and showing the recruiters that what you have done before can be a big help down the road.

It’ll also show them you’re a well-rounded person that will be beneficial to hire.

Also, this a good time to plug in our piece on the various types of non-gaming eSports jobs available in the market.

Build the Lacking Credentials for Your eSports CV

There’s nothing like having an eSports CV that has the credentials brimming with pride, right? But if you’re not in that part yet, it’s okay; you can still a way to do that.

And that way will be to build up and earn the cred, which means you’ll need to do hard work and experience so that when you’ve made the achievements and victories, they can be put to your CV.

While what you’ve done was putting the past achievements, this one is going for future accomplishments and making them a part of the eSports CV you’re assembling step by step.

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Use Pre-Existing CV Templates to Create Your Own

When you’ve got the essentials and details arranged, it may have you wonder how you’ll place them. Should achievements be highlighted first? Do you need to give your details later? When you’re stumped on this, check out the templates of excellent eSports CVs below, courtesy of

eSports CV Template
Template 1
eSports CV Template
Template 2

You can find more samples at, but the gist of looking at the examples is you’ll get a closer look at what works best for you. But don’t go for it and steal the templates. It’s all about finding the style that can showcase who you are as an eSports player.

You can also check on some ordinary CVs that takes the cake for going the extra mile even when they’re not eSports-oriented. When you’re doing this, you’ll be able to see the ways how structure plays a role in arranging the essential things and the summary you’ve already assembled.

Decide on a Design

While you have the template structure ready, another unique thing to keep in mind about eSports CVs is that there is the freedom to splash colors on it. All ordinary CVs stick with the standard design of black and white, but eSports CVs can get the party going with more.

If you’re stumped on this part, here’s an example of an eSports CV that’s got the colors going from a sample shown by Hitmarker:

eSports Resume Template

See? Here’s another one to hype you up displayed by Kaisaya, a popular eSports figure:

eSports Resume

The takeaway from these examples is you can put more color to help you express more about yourself. You’ve already summed up yourself while adding the essentials, so why not be creative and get the colors?

It may not be much, but for the team or company you’re applying for, they’ll see that you’re someone who’s got a spark for creativity and spontaneity.

But don’t overdo this one because going for too much color may make your eSports CV look too flashy. Just add the color so that it complements the strength of what your CV is already boosting with.

Provide Contact Details and Links (Obviously!)

This sounds very obvious but while you’re making your eSports CV, don’t forget to provide your contact details. The number of times we have been sent across resumes with the contact details missing is uncanny.

From your email address to your Facebook profile, give the potential team or company that will hire you the ways to get in touch with you.

Doing this step will also provide the team or company a chance to see you’ve got an online presence.

Proofread Everything to the Hilt

While you’ve got everything listed down with your design and template structure decided at this point, you still need to proofread everything to the max. You might think having a little error is nothing but to the many who’ll view your CV, they’re going to have the wrong impression.

So go for it and proofread everything until there’s no error spotted. A few ways you can do this is proofreading everything manually before using a digital spellchecker to check on anything else you might’ve missed.

You can also use a website like Grammarly to spot errors and give you some suggestions on the words you can replace to give your eSports CV a more modern feel.

But proofreading isn’t just about the grammar: You also have to check on the links and contact details you’ll put out to see that they’re up-to-date and work.

Feel Free to Rearrange and Redesign

So you’ve finally proofread everything to make sure not one single error remains. What’s next? Rearrange and redesign.

For this part, you’ll look at what you’ve assembled so far and done what you can to make the final form it will take when you’re ready to submit it.

It’ll have to ask yourself questions such as: Will the summary be centered? Should I put achievements and skills in this section? Is it best to put a logo here?

It may seem silly, but having control over the final design with last-minute rearranging and redesigning will give you a chance to finalize your eSports CV and give it the much-needed boosting.

Have the Right Formats Prepared

Depending on who you’ll apply for, the team or company may need your eSports CV in various formats such as PDF and DOC. They may even need it in paper form. Whichever way it goes, you’d best have your eSports CV prepped up in the right formats.

When you’re prepping up the formats, make sure to know each format’s ups and downs. You also have to remember if the settings you’ve set up will be suitable for the format and so on.

You can also tweak your eSports CV so that for each format you’ll prepare, it’ll appear that it was rightfully made for the chosen format.

So if one format can’t support a specific color, make a variation, and keep that version ready when needed.

Final Words on How to Make a Strong eSports CV

The eSports CV is quite the thing to have in your arsenal. While the ordinary CVs are straight and the same, the eSports CV goes beyond the borders and shines with colors and arrangements that can make you see how far you can go to broadcast yourself in the colors you want.

From assembling everything you already have on paper to arranging them all with a template and structure that can showcase it the way it was meant to be, your eSports CV will give the potential team or company a chance to see that you’re the one they’ve been looking for.

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