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There’s nothing quite like summer: the time when the sun is at its brightest, surfers hit the beach, and the heat gets the party on (or in Australia, where it gets cold). But for you, you have a different idea to spend your summer, and that’s getting yourself an internship.

Yes, you can snag yourself an eSports summer internship and learn the ways of eSports from a fresher perspective. It can also be the way for you to boost what you already have in your eSports career journey and add more experience. So yep, it’s a great alternative.

So, what can you do to get yourself an awesome eSports summer internship? Here are some of our top tips for the same:

Check out the companies that are actively offering internships

An excellent way to get started with finding the great eSports summer internship is by checking out the companies actively offering them online. A simple Google search will show you many of them.

You might find the one you’re looking for instantly while others aren’t in your field but

Whatever way it goes, you’ll be able to use this step to take a good look at the trends that are going about with eSports internships.

To get started with this, go check out the official sites and see job offerings. When you take your time, you’ll be able to find some internship offerings that already give out the details front and center.

Scout on job sites as well

If the offers from companies aren’t tickling your interest or there aren’t any, go ahead and scout out for more internship offers using job sites. They’re a bit challenging to use since some postings aren’t interesting, but a closer search will get you some good results.

Another benefit to this is that you’ll get a rating of the company plus reviews from other job-seekers on what they think of the company’s other postings. You can use the reviews to find out if you’ll like the atmosphere the company has.

Just like the official listings, you’ll be able to see the descriptions and other details about the internship that will give you an idea of whether or not you’re able to tackle it.

Here’s our guide on more than 20 ways to find an eSports job online.

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Check the Reddit board on eSports

Another source of information you can have a crack at aside from the official listings from the companies and teams alongside the job sites is the Reddit board on eSports. Here, you can get some useful insider info on internships.

Take note that you have to be cautious when you’re going with this type of source because what you’re reading on Reddit can’t always be trusted.

So it’s a good idea to go for the boards that show details that have the legitimacy to them.

If you’re eager to get started, you can check this Reddit board, which has some direct information on the eSports summer internship.

Have your eSports CV up and ready

While eSports internships won’t get you the salary range of a regular job, the one thing they have in common is that you’re going to need a CV to give the company or team you are right for the internship.

This is why you’ll need to have your eSports CV up and ready.

With an eSports CV in hand, you’ll be able to hit it good in snagging the summer internship because the team or company will see that you’re not an ordinary person looking to be their intern. You want to give them the impression you got a mission.

Plus, having an eSports CV prepped up with some tremendous dashing colors will give the ones who will gladly give you the internship an excellent impression.

To get going with this, you can look at some great templates of eSports CVs online and crafting something of your own. You can also check our guide on the best way to make your eSports CV here.

Know the ins and outs of the summer internship you desire

While the summer internship you’ll want is cool on paper, you have to know the ins and outs of it very well before you accept it. You need to understand the factors, qualities, and everything else that makes them part of it.

Besides, you also have to ask questions such as: Will the internship’s schedule work for you? Are there rules and regulations you need to keep in mind?

Is it suitable for the career goals you have in eSports? Can you go to the location where the internship will be held?

It may seem silly to be dissecting it all, but when you’re done analyzing the summer internship, you’ll be able to clarify what you need in your eSports career. It’ll also get you an idea of the conditions you’re more suitable for.

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Ensure the summer internship is relevant to your goals

As we stated earlier, one of the questions you need to ask yourself when getting an eSports summer internship is seeing if it’s suitable for your eSports career goals. It’s essential to take note of this because it’ll make things easier on your end.

By getting a summer internship that’s relevant to your goals, you’ll be able to boost your chance of being accepted for it because you know what will be asked of you, and you’ll be able to give a good spark when the team or company interviews you.

To ensure your desired summer internship is a boost for your current goals, be vigilant in reading the description, requirements, and other details. While the title says it all, the description may give out different signals.

Take notes from the interns sharing their experience

Another tip to do when you’re aiming for an eSports summer internship is getting the word from the actual interns themselves. The interns will give you the lowdown on their experience and share some great tips themselves to help you on your journey.

You can check around for people in your area who are already interns and ask about their experience. You can also try reading online posts from interns in well-known companies who share their tips and experience for everyone to see online.

If you’re lucky, you can try asking interns who are already part of the internship you’re signing up for. Having a direct source of info on what to expect can help out a lot, and we’ll give you a better viewpoint on what the internship is all about from the inside.

A good example is this Facebook post from G2, where they’re letting their new intern describe the experience.

Strengthen your skills

Another underrated tip in getting the summer internship is strengthening the skills you already have. Most pieces of training will already show you the skills you already need, so it’s high time to get your gears pumping and tuning them to a level higher than before.

A great way to do this is to check on some online guides or videos to see how you can strengthen your skills. You can also do some of the routines you’ve done in the past and reignite them.

For example, if the internship you want says you need to be good at using Microsoft Excel while playing a specific game and they’re both in your skillset already, strengthen them. For Excel, do challenging documents, while for the game, have some good rounds with masters.

Take note of the other requirements from internships

You may come across summer internships where they have some easy-to-get requirements you don’t have yet. In these cases, go for it and get them.

But why? Having the opportunity to get those requirements will not only strengthen yourself more, but it’ll also give you a sense of growth because you’ll be able to try something new. Plus, it’ll give you a better view of why the internship would require it from you.

For example, if the easy-to-get requirement is being knowledgeable about video editing, you can take a crash course for free online and learn editing methods. By the time you’re done, you’ll already have the skills necessary for video editing.

If the requirement is having experience being a team leader in a game, get some practice and ask your friends to do some multiplayer sessions with you as the leader. The first few sessions will suck a bit but do more, and you’ll have the team leader in you growing with a smile.

Research as much about the companies as possible

Another tip to remember when you’re aiming for the internship you want is knowing a little more about the teams or companies offering them: Get to know who they indeed are, have a reading time on their history, and everything else.

It may not matter much at first, but when you exhibit the values you learned from them and tell the interviewers how you support them all, it’ll show the team or company that you’re a unique one among the others they talk to for the internship.

But make sure you’re not trying to be milking their reputation like it’s the only thing you’ve got to help you out. You can’t show them that you’re a suck-up.

Instead, be subtle and versatile as on with the team or company you’re applying for. Let them know your support while also giving them a good piece about who you are.

Final Words on Getting an eSports Internship

Getting the eSports summer internship is a goal that many would find odd to go for in favor of the usual beach trips and parties, but for the few who desire to build their eSports career, it’s an outstanding achievement to have it.

From checking out the companies and teams to building up your skillset, the tips we’ve laid out for you will show you that snagging the summer internship in the eSports world is attainable. So get to it and find your way to becoming an awesome intern for your eSports career!

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